Make Yourself Home in Malaysia

Explore various expects of our cultures and specialities

Government Support

This plan is promoted, planned and implemented by the Malaysian government. Therefore, the government will continue to develop this plan to ensure its success.

Culture & Languages

Malay is the official language and English is the second language. However, other languages are still free to use. Although Malay culture is the main culture of our country, but the culture of other ethnic groups can still coexist. The cultures of all ethnic groups are even more freely integrated.

Leisure & Entertainment

Malaysia has many leisure spots suitable for a family, such as theme parks, forest trails, leisure sports and water sports, and is the country with the most golf courses.

Medical Tourism

Malaysia Medical has received international recognition. Penang, Malaysia has also been recognized as an annual destination for health and medical travel by the International Medical Tourism Magazine (IMTJ) for three consecutive years.


Malaysia has many international schools with British system and American system to choose from. In addition, the cost of Malaysia international schools is also lower than that of China and Singapore.