What is MM2H?

Let Us Answer Your Doubt

MM2H is :

•  The only immigration policy issued by the Malaysian government to attract foreign funds, promote tourism, and boost the economy

•  10 years’ visa-free and can be renewed for life

•  - Multiple entry in and out of Malaysia with no hassle

•  - Without the need to give up domestic identity, career, welfare and social relations

Who needs to apply for MM2H program?

•  Various entry and exit restrictions for the country of residence or nationality

•  Harsh climatic conditions lead to various allergies and diseases

•  Desire to settle in the tropical blessed land

•  Living in a politically, socially or economically unstable area

•  Living in a country with a high crime rate

What are the benefits of MM2H

•  Retain current citizenship

•  Obtain a 10-year residence permit, which can be renewed and extended every 10 years

•  Free entry within 10 years, unlimited stay days

•  Applicant's spouse, children (under 21 years old), parents (over 60 years old) can get the second home status (in addition, you can hire a maid)

•  Companies that can register 100% equity, no local Malaysian shareholding required

•  The children of successful applicants can enrol private schools in Malaysia for further studies

•  Varies international (ISO) certified hospitals in Malaysia, providing first-class medical services

•  MM2H holders’ personal income holders' personal income derived from foreign sources can enjoy tax exemption

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